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AirPouch_Dura_Clear_2000_Bubbles-TubesDuraClear 2000 Bubbles and Tubes on Demand (DC2) are made from enhanced linear low density polyethylene. DC2 is a specially formulated, linear low density polyethylene with superior durability, puncture-resistance, clarity and strength. AirPouch FastWrap cushioning bubbles feature our patent-pending,channel-filled honeycomb design, which allows multi-directional wrapping and improved product protection. FastWrap block-and-brace tubes feature our exclusive EZ-Tear Perforations between each tube, making the tubes easier to separate and reducing material waste. AirPouch bubbles and tubes are boxed to reduce changeover rate and allow for an increased run time.


The convenient, boxed material is easy to handle and dramatically reduces the storage requirements found with paper, foam or bundle bubble materials. One box of bubble material produces the equivalent of 5.5 rolls of inflated bubble, while one box of tube material produces the equivalent of 4.6 rolls of pre-inflated tube.


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