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Supplier of Flexible Packaging Supplies and Equipment


Recycling Flexible Bags and Films

Plastic film is thin polyethylene plastic used for shrink / stretch wrap packaging and commercial and retail use bags. Polyethylene (PE) film may carry a #2 HDPE or #4 LDPE mark. If a plastic film stretches when you pull it with your fingers, it’s likely you can recycle it. Clean and dry plastic films and bags are 100% recyclable. Plastic film, wraps and bags can be taken to a participating retail locations or local drop off sites that will recycle the films. For larger volume waste, the plastic could be dropped off at a recycling management company. Recycling plastic films saves them from entering land fills where it can take a 1,000 years to decompose. Recycled plastic is used to produce new products like decking, crates, containers or pipes. To learn more about the benefits of recycling your polyethylene films, click on the below video.


Autobag 850S Mail Order Fullfilment Bagger

Autobag's new 850S™ mail order fulfillment debut at the Promat 2015 show. Able to run up to 22 in. wide mail bags, Autobag® 850S™ Mail Order Fulfillment Bagger features AutoTouch™ control screen, thermal transfer imprinter, and modular bag storage shelf. Bag opening technology grabs and securely grips bag in load-ready position, creating up to 11 x 11 in. pass through. Open loading area features pressure sensors that instantly pause closing and sealing process if anything touches bag loading mechanism, promoting productivity and safety. The 850S™ can be used to bag mail order items such as prescription drugs, apparel, fashion accessories, and footwear.


For more information, watch the video below or click here to contact Pyramid Packaging.


Shrink Wrap This

Shrink wrapping is a cost effective way to package products so they stand out when displayed. If you are considering shrink wrapping as a packaging solution, be sure to view our presentation to learn more about the different types of shrink wrap and their applications.


Best in Packaging Film

Every year the Oscars take place to honor the best in films. In the packaging industry, films are used to wrap food related items like, candy, snacks, nutritional bars & powders. Plastic films start off as small plastic pellets which are melted and blown or casted into films. This presentation explains the different types of packaging films and the equipment used to wrap the films.

Skid Wrapping Techniques

Skid Wrap TechniquesWrapping skids correctly can prevent claim returns, product damage and eliminate lost items during shipping. Try to find a pallet that fits the amount of boxes you are palletizing. This prevents the stretch wrap ripping on corners of the pallet. These boxes on the skid were first secured with stretch wrap. Corner blocks and a stretch roping technique were added for further support. Additional stretch wrap was applied to connect the boxes to the skid thus providing a tight and secured wrap. You know the skid is secured my giving the upper boxes a slight push if the boxes shift, you’ll need to add more shrink wrap shift.

Once the skid is secured, rip the film apart from the dispenser and tuck it under the edge of one of the shrink wrap layers. This will prevent your wrap from undoing. Sometimes packages are damaged when skids are double stacked in transit. In order to avoid this, add do not stack stickers and even a pallet cone to the skids to serve as reminders. Often people do not put enough thought into preparing skids for transit. Sure all this takes a little extra time in the shipping department but it’s time well spent.

Pyramid Packaging is a supplier of flexible packaging supplies. Visit us at or call 847.272.3400.

Shrink Wrap Films

shrink wrap films Shrink wrap film rolls, and bags are a polymer plastic film and are a cost effective way to package products so they can stand out when displayed. Shrink wrap is applied over or around package products. Depending on the application, the film may or may not entirely cover the packaged item. Shrink film is used to stabilize items or group products. It's used to package gift baskets, dry goods, frozen foods, toys, literature, and soaps.  For heavy duty bundling it's used for beverages like bottled water. Shrink film keeps products free of debris, and provides a tamper resistance barrier. Sometimes it’s even the primary covering for foods such as meats, and vegetables.

For high volume packaging, shrink wrapping machine are used to automate this process. When heat is applied to the shrink film via a shrink tunnel, the film shrinks and tightly conforms to the shape that it’s covering. Shrink wrappers will also wrap, cut and seal the shrink film automatically. Polyolefin is the most popular type shrink wrap film but PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene films are also used for shrink wrapping. Shrink films come in rolls and bags and in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and strengths.

Pyramid Packaging is a stocking supplier of shrink wrap films and bags. Call us at 847.272.3400 for more information or click here for a quote on shrink wrap film needs.

Corrugated Sealing Tape Issues

Not sealing corrugated boxes and folding cartons properly can create an array of problems. An unsecure seal can make the box open unexpectedly resulting in product damage, contamination and returned packages. Weak seals can make it easy for thieves to open the boxes and steal its contents. Selecting the right combination of packaging tape and dispensing device delivers a quality secure seal and maximizes packaging line efficiency while eliminating the above issues. ShureTape's new ShureSEAL tape applicator and HP Series tape ensures a consistent highly secure seal. The HP Series tape provides tigh seals even on unfilled boxes and does not require a knife to remove/open the received box. For more information watch Pat Reynolds, Editor-in-Chief of Packaging World, discusses how the ShurSEAL Solution can help overcome common case sealing issues with Bill DeWitt, Shurtape Packaging Market Manager.

Pyramid Packaging is a Chicagoland as well as nationwide supplier of Shurtape. We sell and carry inventory carton sealing tape from Shurtape. Shurtape packaging tape provides quality carton sealing for both hand and machine applications. The packaging tape comes in clear and a variety of colors, widths, thicknesses and are available in paper,polypropylene,polyester,acrylic, printable, reinforced, pressure sensitive and hot melt. For a quote on ShurSEAL or packaging tape, click here or contact our packaging engineers at 847.272.3400.


Advantages of Flexible Packaging Supplies

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.56.55 AMFlexible packaging and void fill supplies are plastic based films which are used to package, protect and ship products for an array of industries. Remember when grocery store items mainly consisted of rigid packaging such paperboard boxes, glass and plastics? Have you ever received a box filled with messy polystyrene filled peanuts? Today many of these rigid packaging products has been repackaged with flexible plastic pouches and other types of flexible packaging supplies. Items like meats/poultry, snacks, drinks, dry foods condiments, detergents and even alcohol are packaged in flexible pouches. Because of their advantages, flexible plastic supplies are the fastest-growing type of packaging.

Flexible packaging supplies and void fill packaging provide several advantages over rigid packaging such as: light weight resulting in lower shipping cost, less solid waste, requires less storage space and environmentally friendly because it is recyclable and also takes up less space in a land fill. Our flexible packaging supplies include bags on a roll, specialty poly bags, stand up flexible pouches, packaging films, stretch films, and shrink films.

For more information on our flexible packaging supplies, click here or call Pyramid Packaging at 847-272-3400.


Autobag's DATA Count U-162 Counter

Autobag's DATA Count U-162 Counter integrated with the Autobag® 500™ bagger is specifically engineered to fully automate the high-speed counting and packaging of bulk small products. It is a compact, flexible and cost effective system designed with advanced counting technology from DATA Technologies and innovative product engineering from Automated Packaging Systems.

Capable of counting up to 25,000 objects per minute, this hopper and vibratory feed track system uses an advanced mathematical algorithm to ensure high levels of accuracy. Utilizing the very latest technology, the DATA Count U-162 is capable of detecting variable shaped products from 0.5 – 25mm in size.

When used in conjunction with the Autobag 500 bagging system, a bulk supply of product is driven down the feed tracks and into a state-of-the-art vision-based system, where it is automatically counted to a pre-set quantity. The counted product is then funneled to a pre-opened bag, sealed and dispensed, while another bag is presented for loading.


For more information on our flexible packaging supplies, click here or call Pyramid Packaging at 847-272-3400.


Pack Expo 2014- Autobag-LoveShaw-ARPAC Exhibits

PAckExpo2014Pyramid Packaging Inc will be attending the 2014 Pack Expo International Show. PackExpo is the packaging and processing premier event showcasing the latest packaging machinery and supplies. The show takes place November 2-5 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Lakeside, North and South Halls.

Many of our product lines that Pyramid Packaging represents will be exhibiting at the show. Our experienced packaging sales executives will be working the ARPAC, AutoBag and LoveShaw Pack Expo exhibits. Contact us ahead of time at 847-272-3400 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule an appointment at any of the following exhibits. Our sales experience sales reps will be eager to meet with you to discuss your packaging needs.

ARPAC Pack Expo Exhibit: booth #2948 South Hall
Automated Packaging Systems (AutoBag) Pack Expo Exhibit: #2442 South Hall
LoveShaw - Little David Case Sealers and Case Erectors Pack Expo Exhibit: #3100 South Hall

Pyramid Packaging is a Chicagoland and national supplier of business to business flexible packaging supplies and machinery.