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Supplier of Flexible Packaging Supplies and Equipment


Why buy packaging materials from a local supplier?

Pyramid Packaging is a value added reseller and supplier of packaging equipment and materials serving Chicagoland, northwest Indiana,southern Wisconsin as well as our national customer base. We provide a complete line of packaging equipment, packaging materials, and packaging service solutions. Buying your packaging supplies form a local distributor like Pyramid Packaging has the following advantages.

1. Stocking Distributor of Packaging Supplies Since we are a local stocking distributor of packaging supplies, we can react to your needs immediately. Most of our supplies like stretch wrap – film, shrink wrap, void fill air pillows, bubble wrap and polyethelene bags can shipped the same day or when needed, the order can arrive the same day. As a local supplier, we are more reactive during times of high demand and are set up to provide customers with the best possible service and pricing.

2. Packaging Experience
Our sales staff are packaging experts and have received sales and technical training from leading packaging manufacturers like ARPAC and Automated Packaging Systems. We also provide on-site repair service by qualified technicians, and package design services. Our knowledge is your knowledge and we will educate your shipping and receiving, marketing, purchasing and operation departments on the latest packaging trends and ways to save money on your packaging requirements.

3. Vendor Management Inventory Service
Our company can also manage your packaging supplies inventory. With our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service plan, a Pyramid Packaging sales representative will be scheduled to visit your company, evaluate your packaging inventory and replenish stock when needed. By optimizing this supply chain performance, Pyramid Packaging is responsible for maintaining the customer’s packaging supplies inventory. This service frees up a customer’s valuable time and resources. Additionally, VMI gives the customer an opportunity to meet with our sales representative on a scheduled basis to discuss any further packaging requirements or questions they may have.


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Why use air-pillow packaging?

Remember when receiving a UPS package and you had to dig past the poly styrene peanut shells to find the package’s content? Once the excitement of receiving the package wore off, you had to clean up the mess made from left over dust and the hundreds of peanut shells that were scattered all over the floor. 99% of the time the peanut shells were thrown into the garbage where they ended up in a landfill.

Have you now noticed packages are coming will with balloon style packaging? This is also known as air-pillow or void fill packaging. Air pillow packaging is a cleaner and greener solution than peanut shell packaging.

When needed, air pillows are expanded with a portable machine whereas peanut shell packaging are always fully expanded thus requiring more warehouse space and increased transportation cost. One box of air pillows (8″x8″ or 275 cubic feet) equals 20 bags of peanuts @ 14 feet³ /bag.

For more information on how air-pillow packaging can reduce your shipping/packaging cost, contact Pyramid Packaging Inc. at 847.272.3400 or click here.

AirPouch Express 3 Void Fill System


Pyramid Packaging Inc. is a Chicagoland distributor of Automated Packaging Systems’ AirPouch Express 3 Void Fill System. The AirPouch Void Fill System makes environmentally friendly, on demand air pillows which are inserted into packaging boxes in order to secure items being shipped.

The portable system is simple to use. The system weighs only 35 lbs., uses a standard 110v outlet and does not require a compressor.

Additional advantages include:

  • yield - the AirPouch System fills more space while using less material resulting in reduced shipping cost
  • perforated pillows are easy to tear so they can be easily adjusted to fit different size shipping boxes
  • high speed - the AirPouch System can produce air pillows over 50 linear feet per minute
  • material – the AirPouch material is specially formulated with metallocene polyethylene (Dura Clear) which has superior strength and puncture resistant to standard polyethylene materials
  • AirPouch void-fill pillows are available in a variety of materials including EarthAware biodegradable recycled films

For more information about the AirPouch Void Fill System contact Pyramid Packaging Inc. at 847.272.3400 or click here to request a quote.

Advantages of the FastWrap On-Demand Bubble Wrap System

The AirPouch FastWrap system from Automated Packaging Systems is used to produce on demand bubble wrap commonly used for order fulfillment. The FastWrap system eliminates the need for those bulky bundles of bubble wrap that require large amounts of storage space and are difficult to handle.

The FastWrap portable table top unit is easy to use and is virtually maintenance-free. Simply plug-in the machine to any 110v outlet, insert the plastic film and it automatically produces protective bubble wrap for your packing needs. The table top unit is fast and can produce bubble wrap up to 55 linear feet per minute. Since FastWrap uses ambient air to fill the bubbles, there is no need for a compressor. The plastic bubble wrap material is fed directly from its box thus eliminating the need for an auxiliary feeder. One compact box of FastWrap takes up much less storage than bubble wrap and contains 1,750 linear feet (.3 miles) of earth friendly biodegradable packaging film.

Chicago based, Pyramid Packaging Inc. (est. 1968) is a value added distributor of the AirPouch Packaging Systems. We offer complete line of packaging equipment, packaging materials and packaging service solutions For more information about the FastWrap On-Demand Bubble Wrap System contact us at 847.272.3400 or click here to request a quote and a free ROI (return on investment) packaging analysis.

Pyramid Packaging

Pyramid Packaging, Inc. (est. 1968) is located in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, Illinois. As a value added reseller of packaging machinery & supplies we sell and support our products in the Chicagoland area, northern Illinois as well as our national customer base.We offer the latest in packaging machinery as well as the materials and service to accompany your investment.

Our line of packaging equipment includes the following:
bagging equipment – case sealers – weighing systems – shrink packaging systems – stretch packing systems – void fill machinery

We also supply the following packaging supplies:
air pillows – reclosable bags – polypropylene bags – stretch films – carton sealing tape – bubble/foam products – strapping materials – clamshell/blister packaging – sustainable packaging products

Packaging Services include:
on-site repair service by qualified technicians – packaging line layout – hardware and software consultation – package design, graphics & art direction.

For more information contact us at 847-272-3400, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit us at