EarthAware Recycled EZ Tear Bubbles & Tubes
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EarthAware Recycled EZ Tear Bubbles and Tubes

EarthAware Recycled EZ Tear PillowsEarthAware Recycled EZ-Tear Bubbles and Tubes on Demand (RGT) are made with atleast 95% pre-consumer recycled content. These cushioning bubbles and tubes are designed to provide an environmentally responsible way to protect your products while providing a cost effective alternative to other sustainable products. Recycled material is fully opaque and delivers good durability. AirPouch tubes and bubbles feature our exclusive EZ-Tear Perforations; a patented design that enables quick and easy separation of the tubes allowing the operator to be more efficient and pack with less strain. In addition, these clean and dust-free bubbbles & tubes do not require a knife or blade to slit the material. EarthAware Recycled EZ Tear 12" tubes are perforated every 10" to 12" and 1.54 mil thick. Custom printing options available upon request.

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