Low Density Polyethylene-LDPE Autobags
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Low Density Polyethylene – LDPE Autobags

Low Density Polyethylene Films - LDPE Autobags

The industry standard for strength and flexibility

Low Density Polyethylene Autobags

These low density polyethylene materials are available in Autobag® bags-on-a-roll or SidePouch® bags-in-a-box configurations in many sizes and colors, including clear, opaque and combination bags.

  • Ideal for a wide variety of poly bag packaging applications, including retail packaging, hardware, fasteners, automotive parts, crafts, medical, frozen foods and mail order fulfillment.
  • Bag packaging benefits: Durable, versatile and cost-effective with excellent printing characteristics.

Material Data Sheets

BLKBlack Opaque for security and light protection
CEV – Clear with EVA Additive for Pliability in Extreme Cold
CLE– Clear
CWT, CBLK – Clear, White and Black Combination Colors
ECLE - Biodegradable* Clear LDPE
EWHT, ECWT, EGCL - Biodegradable white, clear/white and green tint
NSCR - Scratch Resistant Film
PEPE - Laminate Low Density Polyethylene
PEWP - Laminate White Low Density Polyethylene

WHT - White Opaque