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Corvid 19 Announcement

To our Valued Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners,

The recent order for all non-essential Illinois businesses to close due to Covid-19 will not apply to Pyramid Packaging, Inc. We are deemed an essential business and intend to remain fully operational. We are committed to filling orders to our customers across a broad spectrum of manufacturing and distribution businesses that provide vital medical products, food supplies, consumer goods, and critical transportation-related products.

In order to protect our employees, suppliers, and customers from adverse impacts, we have put plans and preventative measures in place including:

  • Communicating with our key suppliers regarding our critical supply requirements.
  • Strategically increasing our inventory levels to address surge demand for critical products.
  • Enacting precautionary measures to protect our employees including:
    • Heightened hygiene standards
    • Travel restrictions for all employees
    • Visitor access restrictions
    • Less than 10 people at our physical location

Please contact us at (800) 547-5130 if you have any concerns and to kindly make us aware of any significant impact in your business that may result in unexpected demand or closures.

We will continue to update you as necessary.

From all of us at Pyramid Packaging, Inc. please stay safe.

Robert C. Ploen