Opaque Films
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Opaque Films

Opaque Films

White, gray, black and UV-resistant bags protect and conceal contents

Opaque Autobags

These fully opaque films are available in a variety of polyethylene, co-extruded, and custom engineered bag materials that are designed to conceal the contents within the bag.

  • Common applications include mail order, pharmacy fulfillment, medical, photographic film and bulk parcels.
  • Bag packaging benefits: Opacity, strength and barrier resistance.
  • superior sealing, strength and security

 Material Data Sheets
– Black Opaque LDPE
MLT1 – Co-extruded, White, Military Spec 
OFM – White Opaque, Co-ex, for Order Fulfillment
EOFM - Biodegradable* White Opaque, Co-ex, for Order Fulfillment

GRY1 - Recycled Gray Opaque, Cost-effective, High-strength
Recycled green film