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Supplier of Flexible Packaging Supplies and Equipment

Flexible Packaging Machines and Equipment

As a full service flexible packaging machinery distributor, we provide you with the equipment and support you need to efficiently package your products. Our experienced packaging engineers will assist you in selecting the best equipment for your packaging application. We represent latest in flexible packaging machinery from the following leading packaging equipment companies like, ARPAC, Automated Packaging Systems, LoveShaw/LittleDavid, Shrink Tech Systems and Starview.


  • Bagging Systems and Equipment

    We carry a comprehensive line of baggers and bagging equipment from Automated Packaging Systems for hand load, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic bag packaging. We feature the original AutobagĀ® bagging systems and pre-opened bags-on-a-roll. Automated Packaging Systems invented this revolutionary system over 40 years ago and it is still the leader in the industry with high productivity solutions for baggers, void-fill systems, imprinters, infeeds, and custom engineered packaging solutions.







  • Blister Sealers

    Blister sealing machines are used to form a plastic cavity over a packaged item which is then sealed to a blister card.

    Blister packaging allows your product to be seen, but not touched. Pyramid Packaging carries a comprehensive line of Starview blister sealing packaging machines.

  • Case Formers-Erectors

    Case forming/erecting machines are used to automatically erect corrugated boxes. Pyramid Packaging carries a complete line of Loveshaw - Little David case forming/erecting equipment.

  • Case Sealers

    Pyramid Packaging carries a complete line of Loveshaw - Little David semi-automatic and automatic case sealing equipment for uniform cases.

    • designed to help achieve increased efficiency
    • economically prices
    • for sealing boxes from 2.62" to 34" in height
    • for sealing uniform unstable boxes
    • for dimensionally unstable boxes
    • propels cartons and folds tops
    • stainless steel design and economically priced

  • Counters-Weighing Systems

    Counters & Weighing machines are used to count and small parts at high speeds. They can used with baggers to further automate your packaging process. Pyramid Packaging represents Automated Packaging counters and weigh filling equipment.

  • Flow Wrappers
  • Printers
  • Shrink Packaging Systems

    Shrink packaging systems are used to automatically wrap items with shrink film and heat shrink the package if needed. Pyramid Packaging carries a comprehensive line of Shrink Tech Systems (STS) shrink packaging wrappers and tunnel machines.

  • Skin Packaging Systems - Die Cutters

    Skin card packaging die cutting machines are used to cut skin boards which are then used on blister packaging machines to form a plastic covering over the packaged item. Pyramid Packaging represents Starview Die Cutting equipment.

  • Stretch Wrappers

    ARPAC Stretch Wrappers

    Pyramid Packaging carries a complete line of ARPAC stretch wrapping equipment. Stretch wrapping machines wrap items by turning the load while the film carriage ascends and descends around the wrapped item. With stretch wrapping, shipped items are secured on skids, and offer protection from contamination,pilferage, dust, moisture, sunlight (black stretch wrap).

  • Void Fill Systems

    Pyramid Packaging carries a complete line of Automated Packaging void fill and on-demand bubble wrap protective packaging equipment and accessories. The on-demand void-fill air pillows and bubble wrap offer high quality alternatives to traditional peanut, foam, paper packing and bundle bubble materials. These void-fill products are environmentally friendly and provide excellent protection, increased product visibility, and reduced shipping costs.