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Supplier of Flexible Packaging Supplies and Equipment

Hi Resolution Printers


squid-ink-industrial-inkjet-packaging-printer squid-ink-coding-marking-copilot-hi-resolution-industrial-inkjet-printer squid-ink-coding-marking-copilot-256-hi-resolution-industrial-inkjet-printer

            CoPilot                                   CoPilot 128                               CoPilot 256    

     .7″ print height                    product information and logos           2.8” print height

squid-ink-coding-marking-copilot-382-hi-resolution-industrial-inkjet-printer squid-ink-coding-marking-autopilot-hi-resolution-industrial-inkjet-printer

       CoPilot 382                                    AutoPilot  
   2.1” print height                 .7″ print height & up to two printheads