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Supplier of Flexible Packaging Supplies and Equipment

Packaging Materials


  • Bags Specialty

    specialty poly bags wholesale supplier

    Pyramid Packaging Inc. is a value added supplier of specialty poly bags. We can your manage your specialty bag needs. We can select, design, order and warehouse your specialty poly bag needs regardless of its size. No job is too big or too small. Our packaging engineers will manage your order from start to finish and provide you with the best cost to produce your specialty bag order. For a specialty plastic bag quote, fill out a quote request or contact our packaging engineers at 847.272.3400.



  • Bags on a Roll

    LDPE Poly bags on roll are also known as polyethylene bags and PE bags. We carry stock and custom printed AutoBag and bags on a roll that are competitively priced. Poly bags on a roll are ideal for high volume packaging operations for food,industrial,and pharmaceutical industries. Our bags on a roll are compatible with all Automated Packaging Machines like Autobag and meet FDA and USDA requirements.

  • Packaging Films

    Packaging Films

    Plastic films are used to wrap food related items like, candy, snacks, nutritional Packaging-Filmsbars & powders. Film packaging has several advantages over there rigid counterparts. They are lightweight, easy to print on, good barrier properties and are recyclable & or reusable. There are many different kinds of plastic films and the type used depends on your packaging application. Packaging films start off as plastic pellets. Most plastic packaging films are blown films. Plastic pellets are fed into an extruder where they are melted and ejected through a circular blown film die. The melted plastic forms a continuous tube which is inflated and cooled. The tube is then collapsed between rollers and wound onto a reel. Plastic film rolls can be printed & laminated to optimize graphics, create superior barrier properties and excellent sealing characteristics. Film rolls can be placed on different types of packaging machinery in order to maximize productivity.

    It is important for a packaging film buyer to choose the right material for their product.  At Pyramid Packaging, our packaging engineers have vast experience with many types of films and materials used for flexible packaging. Pyramid Packaging is wholesale supplier of printed flexible packaging films. For a quote on printed packaging films, click here to contact us or call our packaging engineers at 847.272.3400.

  • Shrink Film

    shrink wrap films

    Shrink film rolls, and bags are a cost effective way to package products so they can stand out when displayed. Shrink wrap is applied over or around package products. Depending on the application, the film may or may not entirely cover the packaged product. Shrink film is used to stabilize items or group products together. It keeps products free of debris, and provides a tamper resistance barrier. Sometimes it’s even the primary covering for foods such as meats, and vegetables.

    A shrink wrapping machine is often used to automate this process. When heat is applied to the film via a heat gun or shrink tunnel, it shrinks and tightly conforms to the shape of the packaged item. Polyolefin
    is the most popular type shrink wrap film but PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene films are also used for shrink wrapping. Shrink films come in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and strengths.

    Pyramid Packaging is a wholesale distributor of shrink films. For a quote on shrink wrap films, fill out the quote request form below or contact our packaging engineers at 847.272.3400.

    We sell and stock the following types of shrink films:

    Vanguard CCL Polyolefin Shrink Film
    Vanguard CXV Polyolefin Shrink Film

  • Shurtape Carton Sealing Tape

    Pyramid Packaging is a Chicagoland and nationwide stocking supplier of Shurtape. Shurtape packaging tape provides quality carton sealing for both hand and machine applications. The packaging tape comes in clear and a variety of colors, widths, thicknesses and are available in paper, polypropylene, polyester, printable, reinforced, and pressure sensitive. For a quote on carton sealing tape, fill out the quote request form or contact our packaging engineers at 847.272.3400.

    Shurtape logo

    ShurTape 100 - General Purpose Tape
    ShurTape 200 - Production Grade Tape
    ShurTape 232 - Production Grade - Cold Environment Tape
    ShurTape 300 - Performance Grade Tape
    ShurTape 400 - High Performance Grade Tape
    ShurTape 500 - Heavy Duty Grade Tape

  • Stand Up Flexible Pouches

    Pyramid Packaging is a wholesale distributor of flexible stand up and zipper style plastic pouches. As their name implies, stand up pouches can sit vertically resulting in a great looking product presentation. For a quote on our flexible stand up pouches, fill out the quote request form or contact our packaging engineers at 847.272.3400.

    Flexible Stand Up Pouches-APS

  • Stretch Wrap Packaging Films

    Stretch wrap film is a cost effective way to package skids so they are secured Stretch-Wrapduring shipping. Wrapping items with stretch wrap offers protection from contamination, pilferage, dust, moisture sunlight (black stretch wrap). Because of of the films elasticity, it keeps items tightly bound like a rubber band. Stretch film is mostly made from linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) which is petroleum based. Its price will fluctuate with fuel cost. Stretch films are either casted or blown. Blown films are strong and have good tear and puncture resistance. Casted films unwind quietly and offer a two sided cling. They are the most popular type of stretch wrapping films.

    Pyramid Packaging is a wholesale distributor of stretch wrap packaging films. We sell clear, colored, UVI, VCI, high slip and custom printed stretch wrap. For a quote on our stretch wrap, fill out the quote request form or contact our packaging engineers at 847.272.3400.

  • Void Fill Packaging Supplies

    Void fill packaging supplies are commonly used by shipping departments, mail order fulfillment services, and 3rd party logistics to wrap and protect items during shipping. Void fill packaging uses material such as peanuts, paper or air pillows to fill spaces in packages. This eliminates the voids within a package and prevents the packaged item from moving around and possibly causing damage. On demand air pillows and and bubble wrap use a machine to inflate the pillows & wrap when needed. This saves on storage space and is also cleaner alternative than using peanuts or paper packaging.

    Pyramid Packaging is a wholesale distributor of void fill on demand bubble wrap and on demand air pillows.