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OPP-CPP-Packaging-FilmsOrientated Polypropylene (OPP), Bi-Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP), Metallized Bi-Orientated Polypropylene (MET BOPP) are the same type of films. After the film is extruded, it is stretched in both the machine and transverse directions which improves the film's stiffness, clarity and tensile strength. Because of the film's stiffness, resistance to heat and moisture and its high gloss shiny finish, makes OPP films an ideal packaging solution to wrap hard candies, chocolates and wrapping flowers.  When OPP/BOPP films are laminated with metal foil (MET) it will increase the film’s oxygen, water barrier and block out UV rays. Our OPP films are available in a variety of blends, widths, thicknesses, colors and can be customized to your needs.

  Pyramid Packaging is a wholesale distributor /supplier of OPP packaging films. For a quote on our OPP films, click here or contact our packaging engineers at 847-272-3400.