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Shrink Film Rolls

shrink-film-rollsShrink film rolls are used for shrink wrapping applications and allow products to stand out when displayed. These films are clear, and are often used with shrink wrapping machinery in order to improve productivity. Polyolefin and PVC shrink films are the most common types. Polyolefin films are used to wrap retail items, food/snacks and literature. This film allows scents to permeate it. Since it requires high temperatures to shrink the film, it’s often applied with a shrink wrap machine which increases productivity and allows items to be bundled together. PVC shrink films have high strength with good clarity and gloss. It’s used to package software items such as CDs, DVDs & Blue-ray discs but also used to wrap books, toys & food items. They are available in a variety of widths, thicknesses and can be customized to your needs.

Pyramid Packaging is a wholesale distributor /supplier of shrink films. For a quote, click here or contact our packaging engineers at 847-272-3400.