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Syfan Shrink Wrap Supplier

Syfran-Shrink-Film-SupplierPyramid Packaging is a Chicagoland as well as nationwide supplier of Syfan shrink films. We sell and carry inventory polyolefin shrink films from Shurtape. Shrink film rolls, and bags are a cost effective way to package products so they can stand out when displayed. Shrink wrap is applied over or around packaged products. Depending on the application, the film may or may not entirely cover the packaged item. Shrink film is used to stabilize items or group products for heavy duty bundling used for beverages like bottled water. It keeps products free of debris, and provides a tamper resistance barrier. Sometimes it’s even the primary covering for foods such as meats, and vegetables.

Established in 1968, Pyramid Packaging is a value-added supplier of packaging machinery, supplies, and services. For a quote on Syfan shrink films, click here or call Pyramid Packaging at 847-272-3400.