Packaging is a critical component of the overall shelf-appeal and life-cycle of your products. Our Bags-On-A-Roll & Pouches come in a wide variety of poly film types and unique features designed to improve your company’s packaging efficiency, protect your product during shipping, and the quality and features of our bag will make your package stand out from the crowd. These bags are ideal for low to high volume packaging operations for food, industrial, and pharmaceutical applications. Our bags-on-a-roll are compatible with all Automated Packaging Machines like Autobag and meet FDA and USDA requirements. With hundreds of sizes and millions in stock at competitive prices, Pyramid Packaging will fill your company’s stock or custom manufactured Autobag needs.

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Stock Bags

Stock Bags:
We are committed to providing the highest quality stock polybags-on-a-roll with some of the shortest lead times in the industry. Our comprehensive stock includes over 100 million polybags in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether you need mailbags for shipping or plastic bags for retail applications, we have a solution for you.
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Custom Printed Bags, Special Features, & SidePouch Bags

Custom Printed:
Custom bags are the foundation of our business, and our graphics department works closely with you to ensure precise print registration, color matching, and uniformity are achieved. We offer printing in up to 10-colors, including Pantone-matched inks, metallic inks, and more. Our capabilities include line screen and process printing on one or both sides of the bag. Edge-to-edge bleeds, tinted, opaque, and combination bags are also available.
Special Features:
We also offer various unique features to make your product more appealing, provide added security, or reduce your packaging requirements. Reclosable zippers, gussets (stand-up pouches), handles, hanger holes, ventilation, compartments, flaps, and easy-open perforations are just some of the options available. We carry an array of pre-opened poly bags and film types for virtually any bag packaging application. Different polybag materials are used for their unique characteristics, including clarity, strength, opacity, barrier properties, printability, puncture resistance, and other industry specifications. Some material types include films for mail order bags, Mil-spec bags, UV resistant bags, anti-static bags, and much more. With various unique material solutions, you can select the best option for your custom packaging applications.
SidePouch Bags:
We now offer a Stand-Up pouch packaging solution that is truly unique in the industry.  The system combines the proven FAS SPrint Revolution bagger with expert in-house printing, laminating, and converting technologies that produce beautiful Stand-Up pouches packaged for less.

Wondering what type of film is best suited for your packing or shipping application? 

We know which films work best for your unique application and offer dozens of different film types as a result. From standard polyethylene, anti-static, barrier, high clarity, cook-in, and freezer films to laminated, scratch-resistant, tear-resistant, mailbag, mil-spec, and recycled films, our wide array meets the evolving needs of all our individual customers.

Listing of Films

DuraClear 2000 Linear Low-Density Polyethylene

Offers superior strength and durability

Our leading bag-on-a-roll material, DuraClear 2000, is an enhanced linear, low-density material available in clear through opaque combinations and in a wide range of plain and custom printed bag configurations.
  • Ideal for packaging hardware, automotive parts, food, craft items, medical devices, electronic components, and other retail applications
Material Data Sheets:
These Low-Density Polyethylene Films are available in Autobag bags-on-a-roll or SidePouch bag configurations in many sizes and colors, including clear, opaque, and combination bags.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of packaging applications, including retail packaging, hardware, fasteners, automotive parts, crafts, medical, frozen foods, and mail order fulfillment
  • Durable, versatile, and cost-effective with excellent printing characteristics
Material Data Sheets:

Low-Density Polyethylene


Industry-standard for strength and flexibility

High-Density Co-Ex Blend Polyethylene


Additive-free bag material with good clarity

PolyClean High-Density Polyethylene Film uses a rich blend of resins that are free of slip agents and other additives that can cause undesirable reactions with bag contents. They are available in Autobag bags-on-a-roll and SidePouch bags-in-a-box.
  • Ideal for packaging medical, food, sporting goods, and other applications where chemical additives may react with the product inside
  • Reduced chemical additives, scratch-resistance, and good permeability
Material Data Sheets:
Polypropylene Retail Film is the best choice where bag clarity is the primary performance requirement. This high-strength, multi-layer film offers low haze properties and high Oxygen Transfer Rates (OTR) that resist odor seepage.
  • Ideal for foods, pet supplies, crafts, and other retail packaging
Material Data Sheets:

Polypropylene Retail


Excellent clarity and strength for retail bag packaging

Polyester Laminated to Linear Low-Density Polyethylene


Excellent stiffness and gloss for maximum brand impact

PTCL and PTWH Films are a lamination of 48-gauge PET to a clear or white LLDPE sealant layer. The lamination process traps the ink between the layers of film, guarding it against external sources of abrasion.
  • Typical applications include fresh and frozen food, medical, and a variety of industrial products
Material Data Sheets:
Anti-Fog Low-Density Polyethylene incorporates a specialized additive to reduce the film’s surface tension. When condensation forms within the bag caused by product respiration, AFOG material does not allow the moisture to form water droplets.
  • Ideal for fresh produce applications
  • Provides excellent clarity and strength
Material Data Sheets:

Anti-Fog Low-Density Polyethylene


Ensures bagged contents remain visible from condensation



Specially designed for resistance from aroma, gases, flavors, and solvents

These Barrier/Co-Extruded Films are manufactured with multiple materials in multiple layers and offer various degrees of permeability that can affect the contents inside the bag. Available in Autobag bags-on-a-roll and SidePouch bags-in-a-box configurations.
  • Engineered for a variety of fresh & frozen foods, pet foods, waterproof, greaseproof, odor-resistant, and military bagging applications
  • High strength material resists tears and punctures and provides unique barrier properties
Material Data Sheets:
These fully Opaque Films are available in a variety of polyethylene, co-extruded, and custom engineered bag materials that are designed to conceal the contents within the bag.
  • Ideal for mail order, pharmacy fulfillment, medical, photographic film, and bulk parcels applications
  • Opacity, strength, barrier resistance, superior sealing, and security
Material Data Sheets:



Fully opaque, UV-resistant films protect and conceal contents

Military Spec Compliant


Waterproof and greaseproof packaging that meets mil-spec compliance

These Military Spec Compliant Films are offer superior durability and meet stringent military specifications. High-integrity side seals on the bag ensure long-lasting containment of oily and damp products.
  • Ideal for waterproof and greaseproof packaging of O-rings, seals, bearings, aerospace components, military supplies, and food products
  • Mil-spec compliance, superior strength, and resistance to environmental contaminants
Material Data Sheets:
These UV Protective Films have translucent and opaque materials that provide high UV(a) and UV(b) protection, strength, and machinability.
  • Ideal for mail order, pharmacy fulfillment, unit dose packaging, medical and security applications
  • Ultra-violet protection, durability, and good printing characteristics
Material Data Sheets:

UV Protective


Protects bag contents from ultra-violet rays

Static Dissipative


Designed to dissipate static build-up in the bag

These Static Dissipative Films are specially engineered for bagging products that may be harmed by static discharge. This linear low-density polyethylene is amine-free and compatible with silver solder and polycarbonate materials.
  • Ideal for electrical and electronic components and kits
  • Dissipates static build-up and protects components inside the bag
Material Data Sheets:
These unique Rust/Corrosion Resistant Films include corrosion inhibitors that protect the contents from rust without the need for costly coatings. Available in Autobag bags on-a-roll and SidePouch bags in a box configuration.
  • Ideal for bag packaging of ferrous metals for automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and jewelry
  • Rust protection that does not affect electrical, mechanical, or finished properties of bag contents
Material Data Sheets:

Rust/Corrosion Resistant


Corrosion-resistant bags protect contents against rust



Engineered films for unique bag packaging applications

We offer Speciality Films that are particularly designed for the most unique applications.
  • Unique requirements include frozen or scratch-resistant applications such as ice bags, medical tubing, and any cold, frozen, or scratch-prone products
  • Custom properties for specialty applications

Material Data Sheets:

These EarthAware Environmentally Friendly Films are made with pre-consumer recycled bag material and are ideal for applications where color consistency is a secondary performance requirement.
  • Ideal for all applications that require a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution
Material Data Sheets:

EarthAware Environmentally Friendly


Recycled films for a more environmentally responsible packaging option

Stand-Up Pouches


Designed to run on the FAS SPrint Revolution bagging system

Polyester laminated to linear low-density polyethylene Stand-Up Pouches is available in a variety of sizes with gussets ranging from 2″ to 8″ in 1″ increments. PTCL and PTWH materials provide excellent stiffness and gloss for maximum brand impact.
  •  Applications include food (fresh and frozen), medical, and a variety of industrial products
Material Data Sheets: