Pyramid Packaging had “skin in the game” since the late 1960s when Skin Packaging Film was first introduced to the marketplace. This packaging style utilizes heated film (Polyethylene or Surlyn) to secure a product onto corrugated or SBS (solid bleach sulfate) boards for industrial and retail applications. The machine vacuum then sucks the film down onto the backing, resulting in a highly visible and tamper-evident package.
Many industries use skin packaging due to its unique ability to form around various product shapes and sizes. Because of its versatility, skin packaging film is appealing for retail and industrial products in the automotive, hardware, and fulfillment industries.
Skin boards can be both printed and plain. Printed boards are especially popular for branding purposes and for retail companies that place skin-packaged items on display. Plain skin packaging is used in many industries to secure and ship products. Since these products are held tightly to a skin board, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and other protective packaging forms are usually unnecessary.

Skin Packaging Benefits:

• Aesthetically appealing due to its highly visible display of the product
• Molds and contours to the form of a variety of product shapes and sizes
• Secures products tightly without the need for excess protective packaging
• High strength and abrasion resistance that makes it difficult to tear and puncture