The new Autobag AirPouch 600 is an ultra-versatile protective packaging system ideal for high-productivity, low maintenance operation. This compact, all-electric system weighs just 28 pounds and stands less than 10 inches tall. It can be used as a stand-alone tabletop unit or integrated with various accessories designed to increase efficiency.
Capable of running up to 75 feet of material per minute, the Autobag AirPouch 600 features a user-friendly control panel that eliminates operator guesswork. Temperature and blower settings are preset – select the material configuration and size, and the system automatically adjusts for optimum performance. Or, set the parameters best suited for your application through the easy-to-use control panel. A high-pressure blower maximizes inflation and yield, while the advanced sealer design ensures these protective packaging materials remain inflated throughout the shipping cycle.
Our patented, knifeless material design eliminates the most common wear item found in similar inflation systems. Coupled with our new toolless belt removal capability, maintenance is simplified, and long-running reliability is achieved.
AirPouch Air Pillows, FastWrap Bubbles, and FastWrap Tubes offer the convenience and cleanliness not found in other products, such as peanuts and paper. Durable and puncture-resistant, AirPouch packaging materials provide excellent protection and efficiency and reduce storage and shipping costs, allowing you the opportunity to refine your packing process.

  • Adjustable stand
  • Material shelf
  • FastWrap winder
  • Standard and customizable pillow hoppers
  • Overhead tower assembly
  • Sensor
  • 24″ Conversion kit
  • Footswitch