The user-friendly AutoLabel Designer 18 label design and printing software enable customers to create custom bag labels with high-resolution bar codes, text, and graphics.
This label design software supports over 70 bar code symbology, True Type fonts, and more than 1000 thermal and laser imprinters, providing the flexibility to handle all your label design and printing applications.
AutoLabel 18 Silver, Gold, and Gold Multi-User versions offer various features to make inline label creation and management easy. Use our AutoLabel Selector Guide to determine which version is right for your operation and compatibility with current and previous AutoLabel Software versions and their compatibility with different Windows Operating Systems.
This software also incorporates OLE object support (embedded Word files, Excel files, etc.) to move data from native applications to front-end label production. Enhanced database connectivity enables networked label sharing and printing.
AutoLabel Designer 18 is system-matched for use with Autobag Thermal Transfer Imprinters and Print-n-Pack Systems. It and can be used for remote demand label operations as well.

AutoLabel Designer 18 Fast Facts
User Benefits:
  • Easy to use software has design templates for fast and easy label creation and printing
  • Includes functionality to meet many compliance labeling requirements.
  • Manage a complete label printing operation from a single program
  • Design and print labels with high-resolution bar codes, text and graphic images
  • The software supports many graphic and imprinter standards


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