The Packaging Aids FW 450FH flow wrapper is intended for packaging soft or flexible products individually or in multi-packs at speeds up to 150 packages per minute. Designed for ease of use and fast product changeover to limit production downtime, the FW-450FH is the ideal machine to increase production capacity while reducing overall packaging costs.
This machine includes a PLC controller with a touch screen HMI for quick set-up.  The self-diagnosis function further improves an operator’s ability to troubleshoot and make adjustments quickly and can be configured for manual product loading or integrated with automatic feeding devices.


  • Precision photocell for indexing pre-printed registered film
  • Adjustable bag former to accommodate various product dimensions
  • Single film roll holder with adjustment for easy centering of film
  • 6′ in-feed conveyor with adjustable width for different product dimensions
  • Discharge conveyor
  • End of film detection to stop the machine automatically
  • Safety covers to prevent operator access to moving parts
  • PLC with touch screen HMI for easy setup and changeover
  • 4 Heated fin seal wheels with independent temperature controllers
  • Independent temperature controllers for each end sealing jaw
  • Conveyor support of product through end sealing jaws
  • Painted machine frame
  • Stainless steel frame and product contact areas
  • Zig-zag end seal cut for easy opening of the package (other cutting styles optional)


  • Hot stamp printer for date & lot coding
  • Thermal transfer printer for printing bar codes and variable product information
  • Gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging, extending product shelf-life
  • Twin jaw configuration for higher packaging speeds (up to 225 packs/min) and tighter packages on short products
  • Cross-Feeding Conveyor for faster product loading
  • Delicate product conveyor
  • Automatic feeding conveyors
  • Round accumulation table
  • Fixed formers
  • Assistant brushes (fin and/or end seal)
  • Straight cut end seal
  • Straight cut end seal with tear slit or tear notch
  • End seal with round hang hole or euro hang hole
  • Water cool ready transfer plates (for ice cream bars or temperature-sensitive products)
  • Water chiller (for water cool transfer plates)


Technical Specs

Speed: 20 – 150 packages/min

Bag Length (min – max): 3.25″ – 12.5″

Max Product Height: 2.25″ (3.5″ large jaw option)

Product Width: 1″- 4.75″ or (2″ – 6″ large jaw option)

Max Film Width: 17.5″

Max film diameter: 12.5″ O.D. Film Core: 3″ I.D.

In-feed conveyor length: 6 feet

Machine Dimensions:

  • Length: 150.5″
  • Width: 37.5″
  • Height: 61.5″

Electrical: 230V, 1-ph, 15A