The Autobag Script Pack SPrint is a reliable packaging system, operating at speeds up to 720 orders per hour. It is engineered to automate mid-to-high volume mail order pharmacy fulfillment operations fully. It features automatic scanning, printing, labeling, loading, and sealing. This automated medical packaging and e-commerce system boosts productivity, offers high-speed automation and consistent dependability. With integration technology from R/X Automation Solutions and innovative product engineering from Automated Packaging Systems, this machine offers precise mail order pharmacy packaging.
Orders are initiated as products are conveyed to the packaging area and scanned, beginning the fulfillment and shipping process. A label printer/applicator is positioned directly in front of the bags as they are indexed into the loading position. Each label is automatically printed and applied in the sequence of the orders conveyed to the pharmacy packaging station.
Our exclusive Continuous Print System features both primary and back-up Lit Pack printers positioned directly over the bag to be loaded. Unlike a print queue, this printing system continuously prints and indexes the Lit Packs as the orders are conveyed to the packaging station. As the verified, labeled bag is moved into the loading position, the Script Pack SPrint automatically verifies, folds, and inserts the correct Lit Pack for each unique order.
Single or multiple piece pharmacy orders are then automatically verified and dropped into the bag, conveyed through a band sealer, and away to a shipping area or tote.
A multi-layer verification system ensures order accuracy. The shipping label is verified when an order is inducted before paperwork being loaded and before the medications being loaded. A final scan of the shipping label closes out the order. Literature Pack inserts are scanned both as they are printed and before loading into the bag. Medications are verified as they are conveyed to the packaging station and again before they are loaded into the bag. Labels, paperwork, and medications all feature a fail-safe reject or reset mode that ensures only complete and accurate orders leave the packaging area.
The Autobag Script Pack SPrint features field-proven components integrated into a complete pharmaceutical fulfillment system. A command center monitors and records each step of the packing process, and provides comprehensive productivity reports.
System-matched SidePouch mailbags are opaque for security and offer top durability to withstand shipping and handling. These bags paired with the Script Pack SPrint offer the most optimal choice for pharmaceutical packaging.

Script Pack SPrint Pharmacy Mail Order and Ecommerce Fulfillment System Fast Facts
User Benefits:
  • Automates the pharmaceutical fulfillment process to increase productivity, reduce costs, and avert any human error
  • Multi-layer verification processes ensure the accuracy of the orders being shipped
  • Continuous Print System prevents paperwork queuing to maintain optimum packaging speed
  • Fail-safe reject modes divert short or mismatched orders inline, so the system can continue to process good orders
  • The fully customizable system features a small footprint that integrates into any existing mail-order pharmacy operation
Typical Applications:
  • Mail Order Pharmacy & Ecommerce Fulfillment


Technical Specs

Weight: 2854 lbs. (1295 kg)

Electrical: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 20 Amps

Air Feed: 5 CFM/90 psi clean, dry air


  • Length: 148″ (376 cm)
  • Width: 32″ (81 cm)
  • Height: 167″ (424 cm)

Bag Thickness: 1.32 to 4.0 mil

Bag Sizes:

  • Length: 3″ – 18.75″
  • Width: 2″ – 24″

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