The Shrink Tech Systems Tall Product Shrink Wrapper can accommodate an endless variety of product configurations up to 60″ in width, 18″ in height, and endless in length. Features on the Tall Product Shrink Wrapper include 110 VAC @ 20 amp operation, variable speed scrap rewind, film pin perf0ration system, D.C variable speed film feed, and more.

Standard Features:
  • 110 VAC @ 20 Amp Operation
  • PLC¬†Control
  • D.C. Variable Speed Film Feed
  • Variable Speed Scrap Rewind
  • Film Pin Perf System
  • Optional Hole Punch
  • Automatic Product Gapping
  • Automatic Product Staging
  • Teflon Coated Cross Seal Blade
  • Conveyors AC Freq. Drive Operated
  • Solid Steel Side Seal Blade
  • Food Grade Conveyor Belts
  • Pneumatic Film Saver Device
  • Simple Touch Screen Operator Control
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Operator Safety Compliance Check
  • System Maintenance Mode
  • Air Inject System
  • Soft Start & Soft Stop
  • Cross Seal Height Restrictor
  • Ability to¬†Bundle Pack Through Operator Control Panel


Technical Specs

TP1422: 21″w x Infinite

TP1430: 29 “w x Infinite

TP1440: 39 “w x Infinite

Max Product Height: 14″

Min. Package Size: 3″w x Infinite

Min. Max. Film Size: 8″- 53″

Electrical: 120v. / 20 amp

Air: 100 psi., 5cfm

Conveyor Speed: 0-100 fpm.

Conveyor Height: 34″-36″

Support Documents