Advantages of Flexible Packaging Supplies

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.56.55 AMFlexible packaging and void fill supplies are plastic based films which are used to package, protect and ship products for an array of industries. Remember when grocery store items mainly consisted of rigid packaging such paperboard boxes, glass and plastics? Have you ever received a box filled with messy polystyrene filled peanuts? Today many of these rigid packaging products has been repackaged with flexible plastic pouches and other types of flexible packaging supplies. Items like meats/poultry, snacks, drinks, dry foods condiments, detergents and even alcohol are packaged in flexible pouches. Because of their advantages, flexible plastic supplies are the fastest-growing type of packaging.

Flexible packaging supplies and void fill packaging provide several advantages over rigid packaging such as: light weight resulting in lower shipping cost, less solid waste, requires less storage space and environmentally friendly because it is recyclable and also takes up less space in a land fill. Our flexible packaging supplies include bags on a roll, specialty poly bags, stand up flexible pouches, packaging films, stretch films, and shrink films.

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