Amazon FBA Packaging Supplies

Many businesses are now selling their products on Amazon and using their FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) to send it directly to the customer. Amazon FBA does have requirements on how the items need to be packed. If they are not packed properly, it can create delays in the items getting into Amazon’s inventory. Using the correct packing material ensures your shipment moves quickly through the Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon recommends using bubble wrap, inflatable air pillows and not to use peanut packaging, crinkle wrap or shredded paper. They also recommend that if poly bags with an opening of 5″ (measured when flat) or larger is used, are required to have a suffocation warning, either printed on the bag itself, or attached as a label. The bags also need to be transparent, and must be a certain thickness.

Sure you can easily get some of your packaging supplies from a UPS Store, Home Depot or Walmart. If you are packaging a substantial amount, you can save money by buying in volume from a company like Pyramid Packaging. We are supplier of on poly bags, bags on a roll, shrink wrap, stretch wrap, demand bubble wrap, air pillows and carton sealing tape. Established in 1968 Pyramid Packaging is a value-added, and ISO 9001 compliant supplier of packaging machinery, supplies, and services. Click here to contact us or call 847-272-3400.