Autobag AB 180 Case Study

The Autobag AB 180 OneStep is a high-productivity bag packaging system for dynamic mail-order operations. In this demanding application, the bagger is fully integrated with shipping and customer databases for 1:1 personalized order fulfillment. A wide range of sports apparel is hand-inserted into bags, so fast changeover of bag sizes is important. Graphics, text, and bar code information are printed directly onto the bag just before it is opened, filled, and sealed. This system prints and packs up to 8 bags per minute and has reduced labor costs by 42%.

Annual savings: $48,323
Payback period:  9 months, 3 weeks
Product shipped: Women’s sports apparel
Previous method: Hand-loading item into flat bags
Previous labor: 3 employees
Previous cost/100: $254
New method: Autobag AB 180 OneStep
New Labor: 1 employee
New Cost/100: $147