Bags on an Autobag Roll

Have you ever wondered how many bags are on an Autobag roll or how many rolls are in a box? Well it all depends. Autobags are pre-made plastic bags on rolls designed to improve a company’s packaging efficiency. These bags are ideal for low to high volume packaging operations. The plastic bags come in stock and custom sizes. Stock bags range in sizes from 2″ wide x 3″ long and as large as 15″ x 34″. For high production bagging applications, the bags on a roll added to a bagging machine to increase productivity.

The number of bags on a roll is determined by the bag’s length. For example, a standard duty, clear 2 x 3 stock bag has 5,500 bags on its roll whereas a larger 4 x 6 bag (double the length) has 2,500 on a roll. The bag’s size also determines how many rolls are in a case. Because of its smaller width, 16 rolls of the 2 x 3 bags are in a case but only 8 rolls of the 4 x 6 are in a case. When determining how many bags needed for your bagging application refer to the Autobag stock bag list or click here to contact a Pyramid Packaging and one of packaging engineers will assist you. Established in 1968 Pyramid Packaging is a value-added supplier of packaging machinery, supplies, and services.