Biodegradable Air Pillows

AirPouch EZ-Tear void-fill XD Blend Bio air pillows are engineered using the latest polymer technologies to provide an air pillow with superior physical properties that also promotes sustainability.

XD Blend Bio is contains a proprietary additive that causes biodegradation of the poly in one to five years, depending on exposure conditions. XD Blend Bio is fully recyclable, and contains up to 20% pre-consumer recycled material. Each XD Blend Bio pillow uses less material than the industry average, and once inflated, can be used over and over again.

 Like all AirPouch pillows, XD Blend Bio pillows come fan-folded in a box, providing substantially more yield than competitive, rolled materials. Each box contains nearly a mile of uninflated pillows, reducing changeovers, shipping costs and storage requirements.

User Benefits

  •  Exceptionally strong material with unmatched puncture resistance
  •  Nearly a mile of material per box reduces changeover, storage space and shipping cost
  • EarthAwareTM Biodegradable formula minimizes environmental impact
    Infinitely recyclable
    Unique EZ-TearTM Perforations between each pillow are packer-friendly and designed
  • for increased speed and efficiency


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