Deciding on a Case Erector

Case erectors are used to either automatically or semi-automatically erect corrugated boxes. Case erectors can save time & money, improve throughput, provide consistently formed boxes and reduce labor cost. If you are using over 500 boxes a day or dedicating a full labor shift to manually erect boxes, then you will probably benefit from a case erector.

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a case erector. The most important is how many boxes per minute can the machine erect and what are the sizes and types of boxes. For high volume boxing applications, a fully automatic case erector can form, fold, and bottom seal RSC corrugated cases at speeds up to 20 cases per minute. For lower volumes, a semi automatic case sealer may be a better choice. To help you decide which type of erector is best, to talk to a packaging engineer to help decide which machine is best for your needs.

Pyramid Packaging s a value-added supplier of packaging machinery, supplies, and represents Little David case erectors in the Chicago-land area. For more information on case erectors, view LittleDavid’s Case Erector PlayBook presentation or click here to contract Pyramid Packaging.