Earth Friendly Packaging Supplies

Pyramid Packaging is a leading supplier of Automated Packaging’s Earth Aware products. Earth Aware uses an additive that causes biodegradation in 9 months to five years, depending on exposure conditions. Material performance properties and shelf life remain in tact, as biodegradation only occurs when in contact with other biodegrading material, such as the conditions found in landfills, home and commercial composting.

Earth Aware Packaging supplies include:



1. On demand AirPouchå¨ FastWrap Recycled & biodegradable bubbles and tubes.
2. Earth Aware biodegradable bags feature a special formulation that causes degradation without compromising performance.
3. AirPouch void-fill air pillows are available in EarthAware Biodegradable and Recycled Films. These pillows offer superior seals and puncture resistance for durability and reliable air retention.

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