Flexible Packaging Equipment


Flexible packaging equipment is used to increase the packaging efficiency of flexible packaging materials such as poly bags/pouches, stretch wrap, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and void fill supplies. Flexible packaging supplies are plastic based films, which are used to package, protect and ship products for an array of industries. Flexible packaging supplies provide several advantages such light weight resulting in lower shipping cost, less solid waste, and requires less storage space over their rigid packaging counterparts. The most common types flexible packaging machinery includes, baggers, stretch wrappers, shrink wrappers, void fill systems and on demand bubble wrapping machines.


Bagging machines come in semi-automatic and fully automatic, which can bag items up to 120 bags per minute.  The bags come on a roll which when added to the bagger improves the bagging process. Stretch wrapping equipment comes in automatic and automatic types. Stretch wrappers secure items to a skid and protects it during shipping and storage. The skid is placed on the stretch wrapper’s turntable and the stretch wrap is applied as the turntable rotates. Shrink wrappers are cost effective way to package products items so they can stand out when displayed. Shrink wrapping machines apply the shrink wrap film to the items and a conveyor moves it to the oven where the heat shrinks the film around the packaged item. On demand bubble wrap and void fill equipment will inflate the bubble wrap and void fill films when needed results in reduced storage space.

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