Something Smells Good

Oxygen transfer rate (OTR) allows a flexible packaging film to either reduce or allow the smell of an item to penetrate the film at a certain temperature. OTR is the amount of oxygen that penetrates a given area in one day. However the relative humidity can affect barrier properties of certain films. Plastic films with a high OTR are used to package fragrance soaps, and other products where the consumer would want smell the item before purchasing. Often, the smell of an item will help sell the product while protecting it from moisture, dust and handling. If an item has an undesirable smell like pet foods or fishing bait, a film with a low OTR would be used in order to reduce or eliminate its odor. Some foods require a very low OTR that keeps oxygen out in order to extend its shelf life. Different films types like PE (most permeable), PP, and MET will all have different OTR rates.

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