Flexible Packaging Supplies

Flexible packaging supplies typically include polyethylene bags, on-demand bubble wrap, shrink wrap, stretch film, skin wrap, and void fill air pillows.

Flexible packaging is used to protect products in inventory or during transportation. As the name applies, flexible packaging is a non-rigid material usually made from a plastic polymer. Materials include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, and polyolefin. These packaging materials conform to the shape that it’s being packaged in, unlike corrugated packaging where items are packed into cardboard box.

Flexible packaging materials are used to package products in the pharmaceutical, food, industrial, logistic and distribution centers. Most often, equipment like a semi-automatic shrink wrapper, bagging or void-fill machinery are used along with flexible packaging materials in order to reduce labor cost and improve packaging efficiency. Corporate or products logos and graphics can also be branded on these materials.

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