I Hate Peanuts

I really don’t like peanuts, not kind you eat at a baseball game but the kind used in packaging. They are also know as expanded polystyrene or EPS. Kids might like EPS peanuts but I find them messy, difficult to clean up and dispose of.


Recently I purchased a lighting fixture that was packaged with EPS peanuts. Once I removed the fixture, it resulted in hundreds of peanuts scattered all over my floor along with air-borne EPS dust. After cleaning up the mess, I had nearly a 30 gallon Hefty bag full of peanuts. Fortunately I found a place that recycled them but I’m sure they are often thrown out with the rest of the garbage and end up in a landfill for hundreds of years. A better, more earth-friendly packaging alternative for my light fixture would of been void fill air pouches. Air pouches are easily reusable and creates no mess after a package is opened. The air pouch would of also offer better protection for my packaged item.


Void fill air pillows are a cleaner, greener and cost effective option to peanut packaging.  The air pillows are inflated with a portable system and take up much less storage space than EPS peanuts. They are available in biodegradable form, recyclable, and reduce shipping cost. 


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