The Autobag Takeaway Conveyor system improves packaging operations’ productivity by simply moving filled bags from the packaging location to bench height or another area. Designed to maximize available space, the Autobag Takeaway Conveyor is a continuous motion conveyor that can accommodate most bag packaging applications.
This flexible system has a low profile and is available in four different incline angles that allow it to integrate easily with Autobag baggers and bag packaging equipment.

Takeaway Conveyor Fast Facts 
User Benefits:
  • Flexible and fully adjustable
  • Saves time by enabling operators to have more time packing and less time moving finished product
  • Improves work environment by conveying the product to bench height, which reduces the need to pick the product from filled bins
  • Low profile design maximizes existing work areas with limited space
Typical Applications:
  • Any bag packaging application requiring moving completed packages from the bagger area to a tote, master pack, or sorting table


Technical Specs

Belt Type: 2M8 NO-US PVC

Conveyor Length: 20 in. horizontal by 40 in. incline (51 cm x 102 cm)

Belt Width: 12 in. (31 cm)

Belt Speed: 26 feet per minute, fixed

Available Angles: Standard in a 45-degree fixed configuration. Can be custom ordered in other angles.

Power: Infeed voltage – 110V, 60 Hz, 600 Watts