The Packaging Aids FW 450-S3 flow wrapper is a high-speed servo wrapper with a user-friendly human/machine interface control. The touch panel PLC allows for the storage of settings for fast changeover of products. The adjustable former and single or double jaw configuration make the Packaging Aids FW 450-S3 extremely versatile.
This machine can speed up to 250 packages per minute to reduce production time and the capability to index with automated feeding systems to reduce labor costs. Material waste is reduced with the no product, no bag feature. Troubleshooting is simplified with the self-diagnosis error function.
This machine can be used to package a wide variety of products, from baked goods to medical supplies, in transparent or registered film.

  • PLC controlled with user-friendly touch screen HMI (8.4”)
  • Memory storage of product/machine settings, up to 50 jobs
  • Self-diagnosis function with an error message
  • Three servo motors to independently control end seals, in-feed conveyor, and film drive
  • Registered film capability with precision photocell
  • Deluxe adjustable bag former for various product sizes
  • Speeds up to 150 packages per minute (single jaw configuration)
  • Production speed is dependent on the product, dosage, and packaging material
  • No product, no bag feature, and soft jaw overload detection
  • Self-centering film roll holder
  • Automatic film roll tension control
  • Fin seal brushes to assist product transport and remove excess air from the package
  • End seal brushes to help the transition to discharge conveyor
  • Stainless steel machine frame and product contact areas
  • 8’ Product in-feed conveyor
  • Belt discharge conveyor
  • Floor standing machine with heavy-duty casters and leveling feet
  • Hot stamp printer for date & lot coding
  • Thermal transfer printer for printing bar codes and variable product information
  • Gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging, extending product shelf-life
  • Twin jaw configuration for higher packaging speeds (up to 250 packs/min) and tighter packages on short products
  • Delicate product conveyor
  • Straight cut end seal knife with tear notch
  • End seal with round hang hole
  • Water cool ready transfer plates (for ice cream bars)
  • Water chiller (for water cool transfer plates)


Technical Specs

Speed: up to 150 packages/min (single jaw)

Bag Length (min – max): 5″ – 19.5″

Max Product Height: 3″

Max Product Width: 2″ – 5.75″

Max Film Width: 17.75″

Max film diameter: 12.5″O.D. Film Core: 3″ I.D.

In-feed conveyor length: 8 feet

Machine Dimensions:

  • Length: 152″
  • Width: 40″
  • Height: 62″

Electrical: 230V, 3-ph, 30A