The Squid Ink CoPilot printing system uses proven Xaar piezo technology to print up to .7” of hi-resolution characters, razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and great-looking logos at 185 dpi and a 4.3″ full-color touchscreen provide access to the system’s internal messages and print functions. Messages are created and edited on Squid Ink’s easy-to-use Orion PC Software and transferred via Ethernet or USB device. Multiple CoPilot printing systems can be connected via Ethernet or wirelessly and controlled through one central Orion print station for larger applications.
Squid Ink introduces the CoPilot printing system, a feature-rich hi-resolution printing system available at an entry-level price. Squid Ink’s CoPilot printing system offers several advantages over competitive HP or Lexmark-based printing systems. With the CoPilot, users can expect 30% larger print, increased throw distance, 5 times larger ink volume, the ability to upgrade to a 2nd printhead, and much more.

Squid Ink CoPilot Fast Facts
User Benefits:
  • Premium print quality for razor-sharp logos, small character text, and scannable bar codes
  • Run up to two printheads from a single controller
  • Utilizes oil-based or solvent-based inks for printing on a wide range of porous and non-porous substrates
  • The 4.3” full-color touchscreen provides access to the systems internal messages and print functions
  • Manage messages wirelessly using the optional 10.1” full-color touchscreen with Orion Software
  • Uses proven Xaar piezo technology resulting in razor-sharp print
  • Available in either oil-based for porous applications or solvent-based for non-porous applications
  • Print up to .7″ of hi-resolution characters, razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and great looking logos at 185 dpi
  • Compatible with Squid Ink’s easy-to-use Orion message creation PC software


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