The Weigh Right iQ-1E scale is our economy, entry-level model. The iQ-1E  can weigh 5 grams to 5 lbs. of free-flowing products like whole bean and ground coffee, small nuts, rice, grains, spices, small candies, teas, popcorn, and similar products.

Weigh Right iQ-1E Fast Facts
Menu Driven Control Interface Features:
  • Auto teach cycle
  • Manual setting mode
  • 50 job memory storage
  • Auto zero
  • Autocycle or semi-automatic modes
  • Weight options: lbs., grams, kg, or ounces
  • Count node (count by weight)
  • Batch count
  • Help menu per screen
User Benefits:
  • No change parts needed when filling from 1 ounce to 5 pounds
  • Air compressor comes standard, allowing for single button start-up
  • The load cell (the most important instrument on the scale) is sensitive yet durable. It is encased to protect against dust and water damage and has 800% overload protection
  • All contact parts are stainless steel
  • Weigh bucket disconnects easily for cleaning
  • Accuracy is from 0 to .01 pounds over
  • All controls are made from off-the-shelf components for easy maintenance and local service worldwide
  • Touch screen, menu-driven controls for easy set-up, and multiple features including job memory storage, batch counting, auto-zero, and the self-teaching feature


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