Protective Packaging Solutions

Innovative protective packaging solutions can enhance your company’s image with internal packaging that showcases your brand and demonstrates a commitment to environmentally responsible packaging, while minimizing the size and weight of the overall package for lower shipping costs. Air pillows are available in Earthware recycled or biodegradable blends that are tinted green for customer awareness; or choose custom printed air pillows with your company branding.

Properly packing your products for shipping is critical to reducing damages and returns. With proper packaging methods and materials, you can ensure your products reach their destination in perfect condition. Automated Packaging Systems manufactures a full line of AirPouch inflate-on-demand protective packaging products for a variety of uses.

Our protective packing and void-fill air pillow products offer high quality alternatives to traditional peanut, foam, paper packing and bundle bubble materials, by saving warehouse space, packing time and shipping costs. Special packaging materials should be used for special product shipping. Items like electronics and electrical components often require anti-static materials, such as our AirPouch Anti-Static film. We offer a full line of high-quality bubble, air-pillow and tube materials for your specialized needs and our AirPouch specialists will help you determine the best products for your operation.

About Pyramid Packaging
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