Skid Wrapping Techniques

Wrapping skids correctly can prevent claim returns, product damage and eliminate lost items during shipping. Try to find a pallet that fits the amount of boxes you are palletizing. This prevents the stretch wrap ripping on corners of the pallet. These boxes on the skid were first secured with stretch wrap. Corner blocks and a stretch roping technique were added for further support. Additional stretch wrap was applied to connect the boxes to the skid thus providing a tight and secured wrap. You know the skid is secured my giving the upper boxes a slight push if the boxes shift, you’ll need to add more shrink wrap shift.


Once the skid is secured, rip the film apart from the dispenser and tuck it under the edge of one of the shrink wrap layers. This will prevent your wrap from undoing. Sometimes packages are damaged when skids are double stacked in transit. In order to avoid this, add do not stack stickers and even a pallet cone to the skids to serve as reminders. Often people do not put enough thought into preparing skids for transit. Sure all this takes a little extra time in the shipping department but it’s time well spent.


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