Stretch Wrap FAQ

There are many different options for packaging materials, but shrink wrap also known as stretch film is commonly used to wrap larger, heavier items. Below are three common stretch wrap FAQ.

1. What is stretch wrap? Stretch wrap is a polyethylene, flexible packaging material often used to wrap cartons or small boxes that sit on a skid. When sending something heavy and bulky, it’s best to use a skid. Skids are commonly used because it can be easily be picked up and transported by a hand held pallet or forklift. Stretch wrap comes in blown or cast and in different gauges (thicknesses).

2. Why use stretch wrap? Stretch wrap is the most economical way to secure and send loads. The wrap keeps the items tightly bound whether they are sitting on a warehouse shelf or in transit. Making sure cartons stay on the pallet reduces the chances of your items falling off the skid and getting lost during transportation. Filling out the insurance forms for lost shipping items is the last thing any shipping clerk or logistics manager wants to to deal with.

3. How is stretch wrap applied? Stretch wrap can be applied manually using a hand held stretch wrapper which works well if you are only shipping a few pallets per day. If you are shipping more than 5 skids per day, a semi-automatic turn table wrapper may be your best option. With the turn table stretch wrapper, pallets are placed on the turn table. The stretch wrap is attached to the pallet and the wrap is automatically applied as the skid rotates on the turn table. This semi automatic wrapping process improves productivity, and produces a tighter and more consistent wrap.

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