Textile Packaging Equipment

Autobag’s new Ergocon Textile Packaging System is engineered specifically for high speed packaging of industrial laundered applications and textile rental services. The laundry packaging system uses an automatic feeder, fully integrated with the Autobagå¨ AB 255‰ã¢ wide bagger, to inspect and package up to 7,000 towels per hour.

The inspection and packaging operation begins by loading the bulk feed bin with clean towels or other industrial laundered items. Loading can be done while the system is operating.

Items are automatically fed from the bin to the pick conveyor for separation, and are then conveyed to the inspection area. After inspection, towels continue down the conveyor, pass through a counting eye, and are automatically delivered to an open bag at the AB 255.


This commercial laundry equipment sets the pace of production.  Speeds are adjustable to run slower for items requiring tighter inspection or faster to achieve high production rates.

The user-friendly control panel allows storage and recall of up to 14 jobs with load building capabilities, real time productivity data, onboard diagnostics, and more. Optional features include a performance indicating light stack, laser level control system, reject count system, and an extended 71‰Û discharge conveyor. When used with genuine Autobag pre-opened bags, the Autobag Ergocon Textile Packaging System offers high-quality, reliability and flexibility for the commercial laundry industry.