Why use air-pillow packaging?

Remember when receiving a UPS package and you had to dig past the poly styrene peanut shells to find the package‰Ûªs content? Once the excitement of receiving the package wore off, you had to clean up the mess made from left over dust and the hundreds of peanut shells that were scattered all over the floor. 99% of the time the peanut shells were thrown into the garbage where they ended up in a landfill.

Have you now noticed packages are coming will with balloon style packaging? This is also known as air-pillow or void fill packaging. Air pillow packaging is a cleaner and greener solution than peanut shell packaging.

When needed, air pillows are expanded with a portable machine whereas peanut shell packaging are always fully expanded thus requiring more warehouse space and increased transportation cost. One box of air pillows (8‰Û_x8‰Û_ or 275 cubic feet) equals 20 bags of peanuts @ 14 feetå_ /bag.

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