Why Use Anti-Static Shielding Bags

anti-static poly bagsAnti-static shielding bags are used to store, transport and protect electronic components and printed circuitry boards. The bags will protect electronic items from damage when electrostatic discharge occurs. Static electricity occurs more often when there are low amounts of moisture in the air. Anti-static bags have a thin microscopic layer of water molecules at the film’s surface which reduces the chances of a discharge from taking place. Additionally, controlling the humidity level of a room will reduce static electricity. Anti-static bags are commonly made from low density polyethylene (PE) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and have a pink or silver metalized color.


To create the anti-static effect, the bags are slightly conductive, which creates a Faraday Cage around bagged item which avoids any discharges from being deposited onto the item. Anti-static bags will dissipate static electricity so it cannot create electrostatic discharge (ESD) whereas a static shielding bag blocks the ESD. Pyramid Packaging is a supplier of the following types anti-static bags:

  • anti-static reclosable/ziplock bags

  • anti-static flat poly bags

  • anti-static tubing

  • conductive flat bags

  • conductive bags reclosable/ziplock

  • conductive tubing

  • static shielding bags

  • cushioned static shielding bags

  • reclosable/ziplock

  • available in clear, pink, various sizes and thicknesses


About Pyramid Packaging
Est. in 1968, Pyramid Packaging is a value-added supplier of flexible packaging films, equipment & services. We are a supplier of stock and customized anti-static shielding bags. If needed, our experienced packaging engineers will work with you to develop a customized anti-static poly bag based on your design specifications (size, thickness, closure type, graphics). Call us at 847-272-3400 or info@pyramidpackaging.com.