Wide Bagger – Case Study

Autobag 600 Wide Bagging System 2019 Case Study

Annual savings: $85,160

Product shipped: Collectibles

Payback period: 11 months

Previous method: Hand loading into flat bags

Previous Labor: 5 employees

Previous Cost/1000: $213

New method: Two Autobag Wide Baggers

New labor: 2 employees

New cost/100: $128

For maximum productivity in wide bag and horizontal packaging applications, the Autobag 600 Wide Bagging System provides versatile packaging capabilities for mail order fulfillment of larger items. In this application, two systems were installed to maximize productivity for this rapidly growing business. USPS-approved mailbag sizes range from 16″ wide by 27″ long. This mailbag system prints and packs up to 10 bags per minute and has reduced the number of employees from five to two, more than doubling productivity.