Wide Baggers for Apparel Fulfillment

Apparel mail-order packaging is expanding due to the growth of internet shopping. The speed of getting the package out the door after it’s been ordered is critical.  It’s also important for the mail order package to arrive without any damage. Autobag’s new Autobag 600 and Autobag 650 Wide Bagging Systems are ideal for apparel fulfillment packaging. These bagging machines will accommodate a range of Autobag bags-on-a-roll and bags-in-a-box material up to 16 inches wide by 27 inches long.



The Autobag 600 is a semi-automatic filling and sealing machine designed for packaging large products at speeds up to 65 bags per minute. An innovative engineering design has eliminated the need for light curtains or double palm switches, while the adjustable six-inch pass-through enables faster, more efficient cycle times. The Autobag 650 is the same wide bagging system with a fully-integrated next-bag-out printer that eliminates the need for a separate labeling operation, increasing speed and accuracy in mail order e-commerce, prescription-by-mail, catalog order fulfillment, and frequent changeover, variable data applications. The Autobag 650 prints and packs at speeds up to 40 bags per minute. These baggers include an AutoTouch Control Screen that provides quick and easy access to job storage and recall, on-board diagnostics, and productivity monitoring. The Autobag 600 and Autobag 650 can also be networked for full pack station integration and central monitoring. Both baggers feature an open design with fewer moving parts for longer life and ease of maintenance.