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Supplier of Flexible Packaging Supplies and Equipment


Deciding on Packaging Films

Deciding on a packaging film for your product can be a difficult process. There are many variables to consider during the film selection process. Not selecting the proper film can create many problems including reducing the life of the item. Established in 1968 Pyramid Packaging is a value-added, and ISO 9001 compliant supplier of packaging films. View our presentation to learn more about variables that should be considered when selecting a packaging film.

Block-Brace Air Tube Packaging

Block-Brace-Void-Fill-PackagingBlock and brace is a packaging technique that fills or surrounds the void areas of a packaged product. This secures the items and reduces the chances of it getting damage during transportation.     Automated Packaging Systems’ AirPouch® FastWrap air tubes protective packaging is more cost effective when compared to other types of block and brace, such as styrofoam peanuts, foam-in-place, or molded pulp inserts. The on-demand air tubes are lightweight, and reusable. The tubes are dust free and durable enough to provide excellent product protection in a minimal space. AirPouch FastWrap tubes come in a compact box that generates more than 1,380 linear feet of protective packaging. The tubes can be inflated when needed at speeds up to 65 feet per minute. Compact and convenient, the all-electric design and small footprint of the AirPouch FastWrap is ideal as a stand-alone system or combined with a variety of equipment accessories for any size pack station.

Pyramid Packaging is a supplier of Autobag AirPouch® FastWrap. For more information click here or call us at 847-272-3400.


Custom Packaging Films

Customized-Packaging-FilmsCustomized packaging films are a great way to stand out and get noticed. Pyramid Packaging can customize your plastic packaging films according to your blend, size and graphic design. We can help you decide on which films are best suited for your packaging needs. At Pyramid Packaging, we provide out of the box packaging solutions and can custom engineer your packaging film. We have experience working with an array of films, resins and laminations. Our packaging engineers understand the extrusion, converting, design, printing processes and can oversee these task for you. By working with our packaging experts, we’ll ensure you get the right film for your application while reducing cost.

Established in 1968 Pyramid Packaging is a value-added, and ISO 9001 compliant supplier of packaging machinery, films, and services. Click here to contact us regarding your custom packaging film needs.

Automated Packaging Distributor of the Year Award

Pyramid Wins the Automated Packaging Distributor of the Year Award

We are pleased to announce that Automated Packaging has selected Pyramid Packaging as their top distributor for 2015. Pyramid Packaging has been representing APS for over 50 years in the Chicago market. We are honored to have been selected as the Automated Packaging Distributor of the Year. Pictured from left to right: Brad Worman - APS, Bob Ploen, Nancy Lee, Jeremias Gonzales, Justin Miller, Neal Houseworth, Tristan Farrell - Pyramid Packaging, Brian Zamary, Jim McCarthy - APS.



Mail Order Bagging Machines

The popularity of online shopping is a booming business. Mail Order fulfillment services are used to mail or ship items ranging from apparel clothing, prescription drugs, vitamins, and books. Mail order and e-commerce fulfillment packaging houses need to send products out as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to speed up the delivery process, fulfillment houses will use automated bagging equipment. Automatic baggers are designed to provide enhanced packaging productivity for mail order fulfillment applications. Bags are loaded onto the equipment, where they are automatically opened and sealed. Click on the video to watch the demonstration.


Pyramid Packaging is a supplier of Autobag mail order baggers. For more information click here or call us at 847-272-3400.

Construction Packaging Supplier

Flexible packaging supplies and equipment are needed to securely wrap construction products and supplies. Stretch wrap binds stone, bricks and shingles to skids. Plastic films, wraps and sheeting (also known as visqueen) are used on construction sites. They are used to prevent dust contamination, construction enclosure, ground erosion control and vapor barriers for concrete & drywall. Since Pyramid Packaging is a value added supplier construction packaging supplies, we can ship, warehouse and manage the inventory of your packaging supplies. For more information, view our presentation.


Bags on an Autobag Roll

Bags-on-a-RollHave you ever wondered how many bags are on an Autobag roll or how many rolls are in a box? Well it all depends. Autobags are pre-made plastic bags on rolls designed to improve a company’s packaging efficiency. These bags are ideal for low to high volume packaging operations. The plastic bags come in stock and custom sizes. Stock bags range in sizes from 2” wide x 3” long and as large as 15” x 34”. For high production bagging applications, the bags on a roll added to a bagging machine to increase productivity.

The number of bags on a roll is determined by the bag’s length. For example, a standard duty, clear 2” x 3” stock bag has 5,500 bags on its roll whereas a larger 4” x 6” bag (double the length) has 2,500 on a roll. The bag's size also determines how many rolls are in a case. Because of its smaller width, 16 rolls of the 2” x 3” bags are in a case but only 8 rolls of the 4” x 6” are in a case. When determining how many bags needed for your bagging application refer to the Autobag stock bag list or click here to contact a Pyramid Packaging and one of packaging engineers will assist you. Established in 1968 Pyramid Packaging is a value-added supplier of packaging machinery, supplies, and services.

ShurSEAL Packaging Tape

Have you ever been frustrated opening up a box sealed with packaging tape? Most of the time it requires a box cutter or knife to cut the tape in order to open up the box. Using a sharp edge object can result in damaging the content inside the box or risk the possibility of cutting yourself. Shutape's ShurSEAL folds the tape on its edge along the length of the carton making it easy to grip and remove the tape. Pyramid Packaging is a Chicagoland supplier of Shurtape products. For more information watch the video or click here to contact Pyramid Packaging.

Advantages of On Demand Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is used by shipping departments,mail order fulfillment depts. and 3rd party logistics to wrap a protect items during shipping. Bubble wrap comes in large rolls which takes up lots of storage space and difficult to move around. On demand bubble wrap can be made when needed which reduces storage space. On demand wrap comes in small 20" x 17" box which has enough wrap to create 1,380 linear feet which is the equivalent of a quarter mile of bubble wrap.View the presentation to learn more about on demand bubble wrap.


Advantages of Air Pillow Packaging

Void fill packaging uses material such as peanuts, paper or air pillows to fill spaces in packages. This eliminates the voids within a package and prevents the packaged item from moving around and possibly causing damage. The time spent each day loading stored peanuts, and cleaning up the mess at each packaging station creates quite a bit of work. Additionally clients complain about the mess associated with the both paper and peanut packing material. Air pillow packaging is reusable, clean and is a great alternative to those other types of void fill packaging. Read our Void Fill Packaging presentations to learn more about air pillow packaging.