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Autobag Holiday Contest

autobagOur friends at Automated Packaging are getting in the holiday spirit! They are excited about their holiday photo contest, which begins today!! Simply show APS how festive their products can look for your chance to win a $500 Best Buy® gift card!! From now until 12/18, send APS a photo of your Autobag® bagger or AirPouch® void-fill system decorated for the holidays. Or, use Autobag or AirPouch materials to create a holiday decoration. Please email your photo (PNG, JPEG, or GIF file formats only) and full contact information (so we can reach you, in the event you win) to

For official rules, please visit:

11 Flexible Packaging Trends

flexible bagEleven Trends Shaping Flexible Packaging
Interesting article written by Ron Romanik contributing editor of Packaging World. Trends often come and go before you notice them. Flexible packaging trends seem to have a longer life span than most, signaling that the format is here to stay. Here are some recent and developing trends we’re monitoring.

1. More easy-open, easy-reclose options. A much wider range of opening treatments, fitments, and closures is available today than ever before, including linear tear characteristics, reclosable zippers that don’t require any tearing of the pouch header to open, and screw-on spouts for liquid pouches. Machinery has advanced, too, with increased ability to apply these features in-line during filling and sealing with minimal downtime issues.


2. Clear high-barrier films. A new generation of clear films and coatings is beginning to approach the barrier properties of foil and metallized films. This provides new opportunities to showcase appetizing products while avoiding the flex-cracking problems associated with foil and some older coating technologies. These structures also offer the potential for microwave-compatible pouches.


3. Penetration into entirely new categories. Flexible packaging tends to sweep through entire product categories, though admittedly over a period of years. Classic examples include tuna fish and pet food, where retort pouches are now common after decades of can dominance. More recently baby food retort pouches (and thermoformed trays) are replacing glass jars. Flexibles are also being used for home and garden supplies such as fertilizers, where resealability is a key feature.

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Packaging - ISO 9001 : 2008

isoPyramid Packaging is pleased to announce certification compliance to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.  ISO 9001 tools and guidelines are used to ensure business operations are efficient, productive and that organizations are meeting the needs of customers and employees.

Certification compliance benefits include, optimized operations resulting in cost savings passed down to our customers, improved quality control resulting in customer satisfaction and the establishment of environmental standards to reduce our environmental footprint. Pyramid Packaging is proud to have reached this goal which reflects our commitment to total customer and employee satisfaction.





SidePouch® - Stand-up Pouches

stand up bagsPyramid Packaging now offers Stand-up Pouches, available for the APS SidePouch® FAS SPrint Revolution™ Bagging Systems. The bags come in sizes from 4–12 in. wide and 5–16.75 in. long. Gussets are 2–8 in. wide in 1 in. increments, and pouches can be pre-printed in up to 10 colors and are laminated for gloss, stiffness, and tear properties.

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Auto Label Imprinter Video Demonstration

Capable of imprinting at speeds up to 12 inches per second, or approximately 80 bags per minute inline, the Autobag PI 412c Imprinter is simple to use, dependable and operationally flexible for optimum packaging productivity. When used in conjunction with the Autobag® AB 180™ bagging system, product identification labels utilizing bar codes, text and graphics can be easily applied to individual packages in a simple Print-n-Pack™.

Pharmacy Packaging Solutions

Our pharmacy fulfillment systems are used to bag mail order prescription medications. We sell bagging equipment and supplies to automate this process. View our Pharmacy Packaging Solutions presentation for further information.

Void Fill - Cell Phone Packaging

void fill cell phoneWhen my new cell phone was recently delivered, I immediately opened the box. I noticed it was shipped using only a single piece of recyclable void-fill, protective packaging.  
Unlike peanut packaging that produces a higher amount of waste that will end up in a landfill, void-fill air pillows minimizes the packaging material and is biodegradable. The air pillows are inflated with a portable system. On demand, biodegradable air pillows are a cost effective, green packaging solution. 






Pharmacy Order Fulfillment System


The Script Pack™ SPrint™ System provides high-speed, and accurate mail order solutions for pharmaceutical packaging. Operating at speeds up to 720 orders per hour, the Script Pack SPrint first scans products as they are conveyed to the packaging area, sequentially inducting the orders. The system automatically prints and applies the shipping label, prints and loads the Literature Pack insert, verifies and loads the product, then seals the bag and closes the order. For more information call Pyramid Packaging at 847.272.3400 or click here.

Mail Order Packaging Equipment

Check out the video demonstration of the Autobag mail order fulfillment equipment that was on display at the IRCE 2013 Show. The Autofulfillment™ SPrint™ System is designed for high-volume mail order fulfillment applications. The system is designed to easily package single or multiple items in the same bag, while accurately scanning and verifying the complete contents of each order. Click here to request more information.


Industrial Packaging Tape

Shurtape edited-1Pyramid Packaging sells and inventories carton sealing tape from Shurtape. It can be used for both manual and machine carton sealing applications. Shurtape adheres well to corrugated boxes since it is designed for industrial packaging applications. The tape is available in a variety of colors, widths, and thicknesses. It can also be custom printed with your company logo. Depending on your packaging application, the tape is available in paper, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, printable, reinforced, pressure sensitive and hot melt.

For more information on your industrial packaging needs, contact Pyramid Packaging at 847.272.3400 or click here.