Block-Brace Air Tube Packaging

Block and brace is a packaging technique that fills or surrounds the void areas of a packaged product. This secures the items and reduces the chances of it getting damage during transportation.

Automated Packaging Systems AirPouch FastWrap air tubes protective packaging is more cost effective when compared to other types of block and brace, such as Styrofoam peanuts, foam-in-place, or molded pulp inserts. The on-demand air tubes are lightweight, and reusable. The tubes are dust free and durable enough to provide excellent product protection in a minimal space. AirPouch FastWrap tubes come in a compact box that generates more than 1,380 linear feet of protective packaging. The tubes can be inflated when needed at speeds up to 65 feet per minute. Compact and convenient, the all-electric design and small footprint of the AirPouch FastWrap is ideal as a stand-alone system or combined with a variety of equipment accessories for any size pack station.

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