The SWM-SA 1200UL from HandleIt is a durable stretch wrapping machine that is made from quality workmanship and has improved efficiency.

This stretch wrap machine has a patented 3/4″ ultra-low turntable frame with a 3,300-lb capacity. With the low turntable, it eliminates the need for loading ramps and because of its ergonomic design saves plenty of floorspace in the warehouse.

Each machine comes with a three-year warranty. The 1200UL can handle up to 200 maximum average loads per day. It has three working modes, including semi-manual, manual or fixed height, and has easily-adjustable parameters, rotation counts, speeds and tension.

Other features of the SWM-SA 1200 UL include:

•Electronic film tension

•Up to 250% pre-stretched film with an electronically-powered pre-stretch carriage for added strength

•A photocell for pallet height detection or a customized height

•Customized wrap cycles

•Quick Selection available with six main parameters

Technical Specs

Maximum Wrap Height: 84″ with an overwrap; 94″ max

Turntable Diameter: 66″

Maximum Pallet Size: 40″x 48″ (66″ diagonal)

Turntable Height: Less than 3/4″ (0.71″)

Weight Capacity: 3,300 lbs

Pre-Stretch: 250% Powered

Power Supply: 110v, 10 Amp

Total Machine Footprint: 119″ L x 82″ W x 95″ H (with a 3-sided ramp)

Machine Weight: 1200 LBS

Turntable Speed: 12 RPMs