Recycling Flexible Bags and Films

Plastic film is thin polyethylene plastic used for shrink / stretch wrap packaging and commercial and retail use bags. Polyethylene (PE) film may carry a #2 HDPE or #4 LDPE mark. If a plastic film stretches when you pull it with your fingers, it‰Ûªs likely you can recycle it. Clean and dry plastic films and bags are 100% recyclable. Plastic film, wraps and bags can be taken to a participating retail locations or local drop off sites that will recycle the films. For larger volume waste, the plastic could be dropped off at a recycling management company. Recycling plastic films saves them from entering land fills where it can take a 1,000 years to decompose. Recycled plastic is used to produce new products like decking, crates, containers or pipes. To learn more about the benefits of recycling your polyethylene films, click on the below video.