TableTop Bagger Case Study

The Autobag PaceSetter PS 125 OneStep is a compact, tabletop bagger ideal for mid-volume fulfillment operations. In this application, the built-in imprinter is used to interface with a database for printing order information, address, and barcodes directly onto the mailbag. This semi-automatic system replaces the need for separate printing and hand-affixing labels and produces up to 15 packages per minute. The costs for materials and postage are reduced. The company saves an average of $0.17 postage per package because the mailbags weigh less than padded envelopes. At 5000 packages per day, this equates to $850 per day in postage savings alone.

Annual Savings: $212,500
Payback Period: 6 months
Product Shipped: Nutraceuticals
Previous Method: Handloading into padded envelopes
Previous Labor: Up to 10 employees
New Method: Autobag PaceSetter PS 125 OneStep
New Labor: 1 employee
Postage Savings: $0.17 per package