Types of Flexible Packaging Films

Pyramid Packaging is a supplier of pre-opened poly bags in a wide range of film types for virtually any bag packaging application. Deciding on the best flexible plastic film for your packaging application can be a complicated process. There are many variables to consider in order to best display and preserve your packaged product. Different poly bag materials are used for their unique characteristics, including clarity, strength, opacity, barrier properties, printability, puncture resistance, and other industry specifications. There’s a right tool for every job and there’s a correct bag for every packaging application. Pyramid Packaging can help you select which of the following types of films & variables are required for your packaging application. Some material types include films for mail order bags, mil spec bags, UV resistant bags, anti-static bags and much more. Below are common types of flexible packaging films used.

Film Types:

1. Linear Low Density Polyethylene – offers superior strength and durability

2. Low Density Polyethylene Films – the industry standard for strength and flexibility
3. High Density Co-ex Blend Polyethylene Film – additive-free bag material with good clarity
4. Polypropylene Film – excellent clarity and strength for retail bag packaging
5. Polyester Laminated to Linear Low Density Polyethylene – offers excellent stiffness and gloss for maximum brand impact
6. Anti-Fog – ensures bagged contents remain visible from condensation
7. Barrier/Co-extruded Films – specially designed for resistance from aroma, gases, flavors and solvents
8. Opaque Films – fully opaque, UV-resistant films protect and conceal contents military spec compliant films – waterproof and greaseproof packaging that meets mil spec compliance
9. UV Protective Films – protects bag contents from ultra-violet rays
10. Static Dissipative Films – designed to dissipate static build-up in the bag
11. Rust/Corrosion Inhibitor Films – corrosion-resistant bags protect contents against rust

12.  Specialty Films – engineered films for unique bag packaging applications